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Here… or There?
Ici… ou Ailleurs?

By Siu Phạm

A retired couple, she is Asian, he is European, living modestly in a simple house of a fishermen’s hamlet on the seaside in Vietnam. In a country, where he does not speak nor understands the language, he imagines scenes of life which looks almost like his reality, but mismatched and even surreal, depending on where his dreams lead him to…

Réalisation – Siu Phạm
1st Assistant Director – Trần Mỹ Vân
Scénario – Jean-Luc Mello
Producteurs exécutifs – Afshin Salamian, Nguyễn Nữ Như Khuê 
Photographies – Nguyễn Trinh Hoan
Caméra – Phạm Công Danh
Montage – Julie Béziau, Jean-Luc Mello
Musique – Jamasp Jhabvala 
Son – Franck Desmoulins
Production déléguée – Trần Mỹ An
Post-production – Katana Bangkok
Interprétation – Jean-Luc Mello, Tú Mai,
Nguyễn Vinh Sơn, Tuyết Quân, Phạm Chạy
Production – HK FILM (Nguyễn Vinh Sơn);  
Sunny Independent Pictures Geneva (Afshin Salamian)


– Busan International Film Festival 2011
(Première mondiale – compétition officielle – New Currents)
– Osaka Film Festival 2012
– Wroclaw New Horizons International Film Festival 2012


Here… or There?

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