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On the endless road

By Siu Pham     
Fiction, 90 min
Switzerland/Vietnam, Summer 2017 

On the highlands of Northern Vietnam, an old white-man travels on his wretched motorbike, makes friends with a young well-off local couple who has a flying cam. When the old man looses everything, he comes back to the grandmother’s house of his new local friend, but the couple leaves and let him with the old woman and her niece, a Vietnamese school-girl, 10 years-old. The flying cam hits an eye injuring the old man who hopes to stay in this place, to help the little girl for writing an English poem, but the police tells him to leave. We don’t know where will be the old man, is he dead or not on the road?

Réalisation – Siu Pham
Scénario – Jean-Luc Mello
Producteurs exécutifs – Afshin Salamian, Jean-Luc Mello, Nguyễn Minh Hiếu
Photographie – Jamie Maxtone Graham, Lê Kim Hưng
Caméra/ Steadicam – Võ Thanh Tiền, Nguyễn Trung Kiên
Flying Cam- Drone – Benjamin L. Schiller
Montage – Julie Béziau, Jean-Luc Mello
Musique – Igor Plogsk/ The six tones,
Montage son – Franck Desmoulins
Sound recorder – Hoàng Thanh Thủy
Line Producer – Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang
Média Manager – Đỗ văn Hoàng Deer-Post production
Coloriste – Koro
Interprétation – Jean-Luc Mello, Hoang Ha, Thuy Anh, Phuong Thao, Nguyên Mây, Nguyên trung Kiên
Production – Sunny Independent Pictures
Distribution – En discussion

– Copenhaguen Film Festival 2017
(première mondiale et rétrospective des films de Siu Pham)
– Saigon/Vietnam novembre 2017 (première nationale)


On the Endless Road

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